Corn grain ( class 3) of Ukrainian origin
03 November 2022

The company “ALLOYS” OU has an opportunity to supply corn grain ( class 3)  of Ukrainian origin according to the parameters:

  • humidity up to 15%
  • broken grains up to 6%
  • total content of impurities up to 10%, including:
    • useful impurities up to 5%, unhealthy impurities up to 5%
    • typical color, free from foreign odours, pests (including mites) at any stage of development, free from fungal diseases. Cannot be used as a seed.

We are ready to supply up to 20000 MT per month.

Please let us know, if you are interested to discuss price, quantity and destination of delivery.

Inessa +380952301055,

Band Glyco-41
26 August 2015

The company «ALLOYS» OU permanently interested in purchasing band Glyco-41 on the following parameters:

  • Width 300.0
  • stal 7.0
  •  Maximum thickness of 8.20

  For detailed information, please contact: tel .: 3725 440-75-47; 3725 754-15-30,