Production technology

The casting method is used for the tools production.  In this molding, molten metal is exposed to centrifugal forces, whereby discarded to the mold and then solidified. These castings are subjected to subsequent machining.

Applications Information castings in the industry:

  • plain bearings operating under high specific pressure;
  • anti-friction parts, bearings, parts of friction, friction units valves, highly loaded parts, push and spindle nut, crowns worm gears;
  • pumps operating in seawater and parts operating in fresh water, liquid fuel and steam at high temperature;
Liner D100.24.017

Scope: D100.24.017 liner is used to repair diesel engines 2D100, 10D100, which are installed on the main locomotives series TEP10, 2TE10M. Installed in the connecting rod upper and lower engine crankshaft 2D100, 10D100. Serves to reduce the friction between the rod and the crank of the crankshaft when the diesel engine 2D100, 10D100.

Diesel Series TEP10, 2TE10M are the main and used the railways for freight (2TE10M) and passenger (TEP10) traffic.

Material: bronze
BrO3Ts12S5 GOST613-79
Material: Babbitt
BK2 GOST 1209-90
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